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What can we do for you?

Pebble helps people and teams to build a successful business by leveraging on our knowledge and expertise. Our combined experience of more than 5O years in sales, nonviolent communication, AI, business models, Teal and Holacracy is the equivalent of strapping a rocket booster on your business.

About Pebble

Pebble is a unique incubator and investor. Our purpose is to create conscious teal organizations by:
  1. Investing in people, products, companies and idea’s with the potential to solve a major global needs. 
  2. Inviting shareholders and management into an immersive business & life incubation program. 
Thus creating an improved and more conscious world. While doing so in a easy organic way.

Pebble was founded in september 2014 by Erik Dielen and Stephan Bostoen. The source of inspiration was a mind blowing experience at Singularity University which enlightened them in the possibilities created by exponential evolutions in bio, energy, nano, ai, robotic & medicine.

These eye-openers on top of a deep personal connection between Erik & Stephan led to starting Pebble. The name Pebble refers to Pebble Beach, close to Silicon valley, where upon visiting the Lone Cypress the idea started.

Nick Van Langendonck joined in 2018. An organic step in the evolution of Pebble after working closely together for almost two years in the context of Hifluence, one of the first Pebble investments. 


Pebble is an incubator and investor. We create conscious teal organizations. We invest in people, products, companies and ideas with the potential to solve a major global need. We provide an immersive business & life incubation program. Thus, we create an improved and more conscious world in a very organic way.
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